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UK KILLERS Vol 1. A to E ( true crime series)

Volume 1. A to E in the series UK KILLERS. This lists 111 UK male and female killers from 1900 to 2021, their lives, crimes and punishments. The facts and information for this book have been gathered from court transcripts, newspaper reports of the time, various internet pages and police records where available. It is baffling the number of cases that have been closed for 100 years and even a Freedom Of Information request has been turned down by the Home Office. I can only assume that those involved were/are ‘names’ in the political or celebrity fields with friends in high places. Some other cases have their court papers redacted and in two of those, every word is redacted. Take special notice of the cases where the original sentence has been commuted at a much later date when the Court of Appeal has allowed evidence the original trial judge did not. One has to ask why not? You, like me, may come to the conclusion that a few, very few, of those executed may well have suffered a miscarriage of justice.


An in depth history of the geezers, gangs and heists 1930s-today

ASIN : B08429CBT5

An in-depth look at the major London crimes and robberies of the 1930s – 2020. The heists, the rackets and the empires of the gangsters who ruled the city and where their money came from. Starting with the Messina Brothers in the 1930-40s and how they introduced London to people trafficking and major prostitution, through to the modern gangs. On the journey through we visit all the big heists including the Securitas and Brinks Mat bullion robberies, the Great Train Robbery, the Baker Street ‘naughty photos of Princess Margaret’ robbery through to the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit and all those in between in detail and take a look at the masterminds who planned them and carried them out and what happened afterwards. When millions of pounds are involved loyalties are broken and bodies turn up. We take a good look at the Krays and Richardsons and their little war and the ‘names’ involved like McVitie, Cornell and Fraser. It’s an astounding history that will amaze you.



ISBN : 1838438424

Be warned, some of the descriptions in this book, although true, are quite upsetting. I have kept away from sensationalism and stuck to the facts. I also left out the ‘accidental’ serial killers. The ones who didn’t actually plan their killings but got caught up in a moment of madness.

In chronological order;

John Christie; John Bodkin Adams; John Straffen; Peter Manuel; Graham Young; Ian Brady; Fred & Rose West; Malcolm Green; Peter Dinsdale; Patrick Mackay; Robert Maudsley; John Childs; Trevor Hardy; Peter Sutcliffe; Harold Shipman; Donald Neilsen; Archibald Hall; Dennis Nilsen; Glyn Dix; Mark Robinson; Robert Black; Arthur Hutchinson; Jeremy Bamber; John Duffy & David Mulcahy; Michael Lupo; Kenneth Erskine; Stephen Griffiths; Anthony Arkwright; Steven Grieveson; Beverley Allitt; Peter Tobin; Robert Napper; Colin Ireland; Peter Moore; David Moor; Colin Norris; Anthony Hardy; Choban Family Murders; Mark Hobson; Mark Martin; Rahan Arshad; Steven Wright; David Tilley; Levi Bellfield.


The Man Who Gave Us Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Other Great Comics!


A short biography of the man who gave us Charlie Chaplin, Stan Laurel and a host of other great comics. An amazing story of his rags to riches and back to rags again life story that stretched from the UK to the USA with over 30 travelling shows on the road at any one time. He became a millionaire in the early 1900s, an associate of the Hal Roach Film Studios in Hollywood and owner of Tagg’s Island in the Thames, then it all came crashing down.


Dodgy tales from a dodgy auction house!


Capital Auctions is a small London saleroom competing against the big boys for buyers and sellers in a tough market. Sometimes things have to be done that aren’t, shall we say, on the right side of the law, risks have to be taken that don’t always pay off, but usually our band of scoundrels come out unscathed and live to fight another day in the world of antiques and collectibles. Lovejoy would have been proud of them! The author writes from experience having owned an auction house for a number of years, although not this one we hasten to say!!