Ben Nevis Books

TURKISH DELIGHT: Ben Nevis and the Gold Digger book 1


London private eye Ben Nevis, ex SAS/OCS/N14 gets a peculiar request from a new lady client, ‘kill my husband’. A few days later the husband appears in Ben’s London office with the request ‘kill my wife’. Ben has his partner the Gold Digger take a good look into the pair and some illegal international arms dealing is exposed with missiles going from the UK through Cyprus and Turkey to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and on to terrorist cells in the Middle East. After a surprise visit from Ben’s old boss at MI6 Ben finds himself enrolled in a mission to stop the trade with help of the British SBS based in Cyprus who are to get him into Turkey to blow up the arms and then get him out again. But things don’t go to plan. It is a full action novel set in the present day with twists and turns bringing it to the final explosive conclusion.

NATIONAL TREASURE: Ben Nevis and the Gold Digger booK 2

ISBN : 9781838438418

Book 2 in the Ben Nevis and the Gold Digger thriller series.

Marcia Johnson is a respected actress, Marcia is, according to her agent, a National Treasure. Marcia’s daughter, Janie, is missing without any clue or reason as to why? London Private Eye Ben Nevis thinks it will be a simple search to find her but when Janie’s dead father’s background comes to light things take on a more sinister angle involving an unpaid drug debt owed to a Romanian crime family who wants it paid. Have they got Janie? Ben takes on the London end of the family and the body count grows. When he and Gold fly to Romania it escalates further in a series of exciting skirmishes in Bucharest as they attempt a hostage rescue and escape. Hovering in the background is DCS Clancy, Ben’s old boss at the Met’s Organised Crime Squad who has eyes on finishing the UK end of the Romanian family, but all doesn’t go well and Ben changes from being the pursuer to being pursued right to the final big twist. As usual with a Ben Nevis book, it’s fast and furious with no prisoners taken and the paperback is in 14point ‘easy-reading’ font.

CHINESE TAKEAWAY: Ben Nevis and the Gold Digger book 3

ISBN 9781838438459.

Satellites secured inside. MI6 pull in Ben and Gold to retrieve it. The chase is dangerous and takes them to Morocco via Madeira leaving a trail of destruction and bodies behind as they clash with the Chinese and Moroccan Secret Service. But is all that it seems to be? How is Erskin Powell an English Government Minister involved? Is his visit to a Casablanca Arms Fair just a coincidence or is he a Chinese agent or maybe even a double agent? Then there’s The Chinaman inside MI6 and the Russian oligarch on the run. They are all involved in some way and Ben has orders to find out how, retrieve the code box and eliminate the enemy, but first if he must work out who they are?


Nuclear Scientists are being kidnapped from Porton Down to work in the Russian Thermobaric Warfare Unit in Belarus. Ben and Gold are sent to bring the last one back. But what if she doesn’t want to come? A full-on, fast-paced international espionage thriller racing between Belarus and London with an explosive narrative and amazing finale in the London Russian Embassy. Hold on tight for an exciting ride!

ISBN 978-1838438470